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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 28, 2009 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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good morning. it's tuesday, july 28th. thank you so much for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's get right to the headlines this morning. last night it was a night of vigils. this morning, it's about the money. can baltimore get more money to put more cops out on the city streets? a group broken up in north carolina. what they were about to do. just ahead. and michael vick is allowed to continue his nfl career. what team wants to hire him? that and more for the next two hours right here on "good morning maryland." >> thank you so much for being here. let's send it to justin with a first check of the weather. >> good morning. 4:58. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. and we have a muggy morning as we start off with temperatures
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in the lower 70s for many of us. in fact many of us 70 in churchville, cockeysville, westminster, mount airy. 64 glen burnie. 72 in centreville. just before midnight we had one lone shower in carroll county. locally heavy rain from winchester to manchester and up north of parkton to the pa line. overall that storm dumping a little rain, enough rain to produce fog. we have partly sunny skies today with an isolated thundershower today. two-degree guaranteed high of 89 degrees. it's july 28th. yeah, it's kim's birthday! happy birthday, kim. let's see what's happening on the roads now. >> happy birthday to the leo's. not much around the beltway at this hour. the left lane is closed 695 at the inner loop at the security boulevard exit for construction. at route 40, baltimore national pike, ingleside avenue, traffic lights not working, keep that
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in mind. 83 looks good from pennsylvania to the beltway. the exit ramp to the inner loop is closed from overnight. will reopen 6:00 a.m. no problems at the tunnels though the harbor tunnel southbound side is closed for construction, traffic gets by in the northbound tube. 695 at liberty road, traffic looks good at this hour. no problems to let you know about. back to you. let's update you on the latest from the shooting in the home on east baltimore. >> investigators turned their attention to one of the victims in the mass shooting that left 12 injured. police haven't released the names of any victims except for one. 25-year-old steven blackwell. he's faced charges of attempted murder in the past and members of his family have been suspects or victims in several other crimes. police say that the shooting was premeditated. he was hit in the arm at a news conference monday. the mayor expressed frustration
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that trying to get steven blackwell hasn't produced results. >> we're concerned about the pace and progress of some of the investigations and we're going to do everything we can to speed those efforts along and to put these guys out of business just as expeditiously as possible. >> 12 people including a pregnant woman and 2-year-old girl were shot. they are all expected to survive. also this morning the commissioner announced there will be a large-scale increase, more police presence on the streets of baltimore. >> today the governor plans to weigh in when he sits down with people who are writing out the checks to keep the cops on the streets. sherrie johnson is working this story. >> reporter: good morning. martin o'malley will head to philadelphia to find out about baltimore receiving federal aid money to keep more police on the streets. in light of the violent weekend in baltimore city where more
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than 23 people were shot this money would come at a really good time. it's called the community oriented policing services program or c.o.p.s. over 7,000 cities applied for it and baltimore is one of over a thousand cities selected to receive this money. the obama administration will give out over $1 billion in aid to keep the police on the streets during this economic downturn. for every dollar delivered another $7,000 under the grant. california, utah and west virginia will also be a part of the program. four major cities including new york and pittsburgh were denied funding. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:02. dozens of people turned out in east baltimore to remember a mother of two who police say was shot 10 times over the weekend. last night hundreds of family members and friends gathered in the parking lot of czech -- clubhouse
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bar on erdman avenue. relatives tell us shonte's ellis was shot 10 times. relatives say she was texting when a gunman walked up to her car and shot her 10 times. she leaves behind adar and 12 -- daughter and 12-year-old son. the son says why did they have to kill her. >> the guardian angels attended to the vigil and says it's up to the community to help stop the violence. police are looking for the gunman. a cab driver killed on sunday night. harvey braggs was killed when witnesses say he was making a u turn. he was hit by another car. he died on impact. >> it's hard to believe.
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it's a shock for the company, the whole company, entire company. we have a big shock. >> right now police are not commenting on the crash since the investigation continues but we'll keep you posted. another deadly crash, in baltimore county. investigators still working to identify three people burned beyond recognition after their car was hit by a street sweeper. the car was making a left turn when it was hit at the intersection of whitemarsh and honeygo boulevard. all three people inside died. it's a horrible video. the driver of the sweeper suffered only minor injuries. weather conditions might have been a factor. michael vick is officially cleared to play this season. he can sign with any team and begin training camp.
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where will he end up? there's speculation that high-powered management teams like new england, miami could take vick or teams willing to put people in the stands like oakland, cincinnati and also the buffalo bills. back here at home, the orioles host the kansas city royals. the team with the worst record in the american league. one of the only two big highlights to show you last night, adam jones hitting the solo home run in the first, game tied 1-1. however, rich hill gave up three runs and didn't last past the third. he apologized for his performance last night after the game. the orioles lost 5-3 and that is it. no life, no wins. it was ugly last night. no matter how you look at it germs are germs. >> but experts say a little more bacteria could help us to stay healthy from the flu. let's take a live look outside now. 71 degrees as we start this tuesday off. and before you get ready to hop on the bus or train here's
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welcome back. 5:08. >> just because it's your birthday. >> hold it down there kim. birthday girl. >> good morning. 5:08. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. pretty much a repeat all week long with just a little variationation on temperature. right now 71 degrees. definitely a muggy start. notice that 70 in easton. 77 ocean city. contrasted with some 60s to our north and west, 66 back towards western maryland in oakland. had a shower pop up last night. now we're dealing with just partly cloudy skies this morning. overall a little bit of patchy fog to the north side of baltimore. call it a partly sunny day, isolated showers pop up this afternoon which means our chance of really about 20% or less. 89 degrees is our two-degree guarantee. 5:09. let's let's with kim. >> thank you. you are making my mom happy. things looking good around the area. no problems as you make your way southbound on 95 from
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harford county headed towards the 695/895 split. however, in baltimore county, baltimore national pike at ingleside avenue, heads up there, traffic lights not working. treat that intersection as a four-way stop sign. in the harbor tunnel, they have the northbound side closed overnight for construction, that should be reopening by about 6:00 a.m. two-way traffic gets by in the southbound tube. outer loop, early in the morning, not much to speak of. you can see we have light volume and traffic flowing freely on both loops of the beltway at this time. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc where you'll find great music from stars like carrie underwood, rascall flatts and taylor swift. back to you. 5:10. 72 degrees. still ahead, investigators say they have more clues learning what exactly may have happened to pop icon michael jackson. and things should get ienders out this week when three men who have been the talk of the nation sit down and talk it out.
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it's july 13th and i'm emily hill, with a look at the past 24 hours on royal caribbean's liberty of the sea. charles fuller enjoyed his first cup of the day on his morning swim. baby guitierrez and his dad jonathan pumped some iron. merle buckmire hung ten with a little help from a friend. and finally, erwin and edwin serenaded the ladies on deck 12. that's the news. i'm emily hill cruising with royal caribbean, why aren't you?
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it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. in today's business news -- a change in strategy for bank of america. as on-line and mobile banking take transactions away from the traditional brick and mortar branches the bank of america ceo told investors he plans to cut the company's branch network by about 10% ending a two-decade expansion. bank of america currently has 6 drom 100 -- 6,100 branch
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locations. housing market, sales up 30% for the third straight month but the median sales price for new homes dropped 10% from a year ago. industry experts say incentives for home builders and the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers certainly helps spur sales. a rebound in oil prices has started to show up at the pump. the energy department says the average national price for a gallon of regular unleaded rose 4 cents this week to $2.50 but even with the increase drivers are still paying 37% less than we were a year ago. that is the latest in today's business headlines. also this morning, some restaurants in howard county have found a way for you to not only save a couple of bucks but also support the local economy as well. the county kicked off their summer restaurant week so this is how it goes -- from today until august 9th, 25 restaurants will serve up products grown, harvested and
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produced at local farms. to find out which restaurants and which farps are participating, head to check out the section that says "links mentioned on the air." you can read all the information on and, we're helping you during these tough times. no doubt about it. every one is trying to stave a buck or two. has you covered in our "financial survival guide." in our "works for you" section, that's where you find it. mortgage companies trying to get you to refinance your home but first, four things to watch out for before refinancing. that story and much more on it's 5:15. in news "2 your health," there may be a new way to fight symptoms of the flu, good bacteria may be the key. kelly swoope explains it to us. >> reporter: researchers found that treating todaylers and kindergarteners twice a day with a combination of two
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common probiotics resulted in children missing fewer days of school and child care due to the flu. they had significantly reduced cases of fever, coughing and runny noses compared to kids with the placebo. a high percentage of immune cells are associated with our stomach. boosting the immune system there makes sense. with the stronger immune system the body is more capable of fighting off infection and can reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms. the practice of incorporating probiotics into foods has just begun in the u.s., most noticeably with yogurt. >> however, a flu vaccination is still the most single most important step families can take to prevent the flu. yesterday turned out to be a nice day, at 87 degrees, on target with what we expected.
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really very limited showers that actually held off until the evening hours. on this 28th day of july. by the way, kim's birthday, 66 in the morning, 87 in the afternoon. 54 degrees, that was the record in 1962. 1941 on this date, 103. nothing like that today but definitely a little warm and muggy. more typical summer weather we have not really had all summer long. now we have a week of it. 74 degrees this morning in the baltimore area. backing up to yesterday, that is where the line of showers and thunderstorms erupted. we expected a line of showers and storms. it just happened to occur about 60 to 100 miles east of what we expected. so we wound up with pretty decent weather yesterday evening. no complaints here. isolated showers did pop up behind that line. we're probably looking at the same general setup today. just where that line of storms happened to develop. our forecast model indicating there may be showers around the bay developing by this afternoon, 3:30. give or take a little leeway here where the model is
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predicting this stuff but overall the idea is that we will be popping more showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon hours. tomorrow probably more widespread as a wave of low pressure works its way in and that gives us more showers and storms leading into tomorrow night. today, dry, 89 degrees. just an isolated shower late in the day. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> good morning. i'm just getting word of a crash in pasadena, jumpers hoe road at route 2. another intersection where traffic lights not working, cockeysville, padonia road and broad street. traffic lights not working at the baltimore national pike intersection at inc.le side avenue. treat it as a four-way stop. and 895 will open up shortly because of construction. outer loop, no problems to let you know about. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc, country for the work day.
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listen to country music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban. back to you. federal officials say they've taken down several north carolina men accused of being home-grown terrorists but there's a twist in how they were tracked down. john hendrin has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the fbi calling it a home-grown terror plot. several north carolina men charged with supporting terrorism and conspiring to commit murder abroad. the fbi raided the rural home of the alleged ringleader, 39-year-old daniel boyd. the indictment accuses him of recruiting his two sons and four other men, mostly americans in their tents. neighbors say -- 20s. neighbors say they are bewildered. >> it's scary to me. i'm nervous for my children. i spoke with him on several occasions and never was there an idea he was involved in something like that. >> reporter: according to the indictment daniel boyd went to pakistan and afghanistan and received military-style training in terrorist training
5:20 am
camps for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. it also says he fought the soviets in afghanistan. >> the recruitment both into radical jihadist movements as well as home-grown terrorists who want to attack us here in the united states. the real problem is how do you figure out who they are? >> reporter: last week a 26-year-old long island man was charged with joining al-qaeda, attacking u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and giving al-qaeda details about the new york transit system. the fbi is investigating why more than 20 young men of somali descent from minneapolis and other u.s. cities went to wage jihad in somalia. the fbi says the north carolina men raised money and were willing to die as martyrs. the men are not accused of plotting attacks in the united states but u.s. officials fear young men like these could soon begin to direct their attacks right here at home. john hendrin, abc news, washington. a harvard professor, the
5:21 am
police officer who arrested him, have all agreed to meet with the president at the white house on thursday. earlier this month crowley, who is white arrests gates who is black. after an investigation, a suspected burglary found no burglars but escalated into a heated exchange between the men at gates' home. the president entered the fray when he said the police acted stupidly and later said both sides overreacted. toxicology tests pending but a official believes michael jackson was killed by a powerful anesthetic that stopped his heart. the officials say that the investigators also believe this drug was administered by jackson's doctor on the day of the pop star's death. a lawyer for dr. conrad murray says his client didn't prescribe or administer anything that should have killed michael jackson. 5:21. atlanta on its way to becoming the first major u.s. city to get rid of all its large public housing projects but advocates for the poor worry that not
5:22 am
enough subsidized homes remain and thousands of families are being dumped on the street. lawmakers are lobbying for a demolition moratorium to support those displaced families. for years the national teen pregnancy rate has been falling. >> local officials want to know why baltimore's rate is still up there, so high. they did get to the bottom of it. you've got a strawberry pop-tart, but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawber toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack.
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it's 5:24. let's get today's "tech bytes" with jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: in today's "tech bytes," texting while driving may be more dangerous than
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drunk driving. a new study finds texters behind the wheel are 10 times more likely to text than when not texting. texters spend an average of five seconds looking at their devices in the moments before crashing. cell phones, about the same as drunk driving. currently texting while driving is only banned in 14 states. the game that helps put the nintendo wii on the map, was wii sports. nintendo just released a new version called wii sports resort, 12 games within the game. it requires the wii motion plus, an attachment for the remote that makes your movements more accurate. dan evans of " talks about the hits and misses. >> i liked it overall but some games were weaker than others but when you have a package of 12 games you can't have 12 hits. fencing seemed a little sophomoric but little kids
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might love it. other games were really cool. the wii motion control, you get out there and you really have to concentrate. it was uneven but overall i think you should really like this. >> the game comes with one motion plus add on but you'll need one for each remote. microsoft founder bill gates is not a facebook member. he announces he unfriended facebook. he said it was way too much trouble dealing with the thousands of friends request. he also warns all our tech tools could be a waste of time if we're not careful. for information on all these stories go to the technology page of i'm jeremy hubbard.
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5:29. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. let's get to the top stories. police say they are releasing new details about a man who is possibly the target in a crime that left a dozen people shot. a new study out that finds that texting while driving is by far the most dangerous driving distraction. suleman, in the news again. her eight kids in a new show but a judge tells the octomom somebody else better be watching those kids, too. we'll explain. good morning. tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> justin berk. it was steamy yet. >> but it could have been worse. last night the storm hits parts of carroll and baltimore county.


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